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Serving quality dental, orthodontics and laboratory equipment at the best prices since 1982





Explore our full selection of general dentistry, oral surgery, periodontal and hand tools.

Hand pieces, endodontic tools and dental compressor machinery from a large selection of brands. 

Fulfill your office's daily consumable needs with our wide selection of gloves, disposable gowns, face masks, chair covers, dental trays and more!

We carry a wide variety of waxes from base plates to wire wax in different gauges, sprues, bite blocks, and utility wax to fit any need!

As a one-stop shop for porcelain work, we offer unique porcelain ovens, precision articulators, investment products for work porcelain and precious metals.

Pan American brings the complete line of orthodontic products; brackets, ortho wire, expansion/compression screws, and elastomers.

Carrying a wide selection of orthodontic resins, acrylics, surgical splint and mouth guard material to assist in any need.

Offering complete lines of acrylic teeth, vacuum machines, light-cure tray units, model trimmers and bench motors from the major distributors!

Our orthodontic offerings include a full assortment of retainer boxes, lip protection waxes, and orthodontic brushes just to name a few.

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Serving the Largest Names in the Industry:


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