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Thermochromic A-Silicone for bite registration (the colour change indicates that setting time is complete). Bite registrations with all techniques, intermaxillary centric, protusion or lateral registration keys. Registrations for diagnostic evaluations of craniomandibular disorder, orthodontic bite registrations



  • Thermocromic: a technology which uses temperature-sensitive pigments
  • Final hardness 45 Shore D
  • Fast: 60 secs permanence in the oral cavity
  • Thixotropic, it does not trip
  • Very accurate
  • Dimensionally stable in time and under disinfection
  • Can be repositioned for a check after setting
  • Easy to finish
  • Lime flavour
  • Colour: green at 23°C (73°F) / yellow above 30°C (86°F)




  • The use of thermochromic pigments permits the visible control of the various steps, minimizing the margin of error
  • Unperceivable: natural bite registration
  • It can be finished after setting with a cutting blade or bur
  • Easy positioning both in the occlusal and in the buccal techniques

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