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There is no doubt about  – mouthguards protect smiles. According to the Journal of the American Dental Association and documented by Keystone Industries, over 5,000,000 teeth are lost annually in sports-related injuries, resulting in about $500 million spent. Huge numbers like these means investments into solid pieces of equipment should be made. That’s where Pro-Form Mouthguard Laminates come into play.


Pro-Form Mouthguard Laminates have been leaders in the dental industry for decades. Dentists go the route of buying our square or round thermoplastic laminates over pre-formed mouthguards because of the protection they offer. Statistics show they are the one type of mouthguard offered to fit the athlete’s needs. The comfort, snug fit, and protection of Pro-Form Mouthguard Laminates are all thanks to the model that is vacuum formed from an exact impression of the athlete’s mouth (don’t worry – we have vacuum formers and accessories, too).

KeyStone Pro-Form

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